PLNAR changes the dynamic of interior property claims. As the ONLY virtual claims solution for the insurance industry, PLNAR provides real-time validation, drastically improves adjustor efficiency, decreases processing cycle time, and increases the overall customer satisfaction.

Virtual Claims

Desk adjustments decrease the overall time to process a customer claim. PLNAR's solution allows for immediate access to the real-time 3D measurements and visual information, improving accuracy of appraisals without requiring adjustors to leave their desk.

Greater Adjustor Efficiency

On-site adjustors have traditionally been burdened by variety of measurement tools and cumberson software. With PLNAR, adjustors can now use their phone to measure and document an entire interior space in less time than the traditional method. Reduced time in the field lowers the overhead and improves overall claims.

Decreased Cycle Time

The PLNAR suite of tools expedites the claim settlement process from start to finish. With the ability to quickly take measurements and photos after the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and upload to our cloud-based platform, PLNAR reduces cycle time processing by 40%. PLNAR takes insurance claim cycle times from hours and days ... to minutes.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

PLNAR’s ability to create real time 3D models with measurments and pictures reduces the cycle time for processing insurance claims. The reduced cycle times and the ability to process claims virtually, enables quicker payments on claims that directly benefit customers, enchancing their overall experience.

PLNAR's AR solution is the fastest way to capture and digitize all the data necessary to virtually settle interior insurance claims. Gather the full context of the damaged area including measurements, summary reports, photos and 3D models. Great for adjustors, inspectors or homeowner self-service.

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